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Sunday, January 31, 2010 4:46 AM

Clinton presses China over Iran nuke sanctions

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The war of rhetoric with China continues. Hillary Clinton is again battling China over China's relationship with Iran. Please consider Clinton presses China over Iran nuke sanctions.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned China on Friday it risks diplomatic isolation and disruption to its energy supplies unless it helps keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Speaking in Paris, Clinton said she and others who support additional sanctions on Iran for refusing to prove it has peaceful nuclear intentions are lobbying China to back new U.N. penalties on the Iranian government.

The United States is the most visible leader in the new push for U.N. Security Council sanctions, and Clinton spent much of her time in Europe this week lobbying major powers whose support she needs to pass and enforce new economic penalties.

The risks of an Iranian bomb are manifold, Clinton said.

"It will produce an arms race," in the Persian Gulf, and Israel will feel its very existence threatened, Clinton said in response to a question from an audience member during a speech at a French military academy. "All of that is incredibly dangerous."

The United States has cautioned Israel publicly against a pre-emptive strike on Iran's known nuclear facilities, arguing that such an attack would invite an arms race and retaliation.

China has traditionally resisted U.N. Security Council sanctions, saying they are counterproductive and harm efforts to persuade Iran to prove its claim that the nuclear program is peaceful.
The country most responsible for the "Arms Race" is the United States of America. US troops stationed all over the world are a destabilizing force.

We invaded Iraq without justification, blew Iraq to smithereens, and any country in region their right mind would not want that to happen to them.

Indeed, a strong argument can be made that Iran having a nuclear bomb would be a stabilizing force. If Iran could adequately protect itself, the US would think twice about invading.

One can argue this from many points of view, including China's. China has everything to gain, both short and long term, from its policy of assisting Iran. Moreover, threats of "diplomatic isolation of China" are laughable. Think the world would go along with that? Heck, not even the US would.

Earlier today I commented on a huge protest in Japan over US bases. Please see Thousands in Tokyo Protest Against US Troops in Japan for details.

The end of US global dictatorship is nigh. That is a good thing given that we cannot afford the cost.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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