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Thursday, October 01, 2015 12:54 PM

Pro-Independence Parties in Catalonia Unite to Form Government; Showdown with Madrid Coming Up

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Pro-independence parties in Spain won an outright majority in the Catalonia regional election. The open issue was whether or not the two parties could come to terms and form a government.

Election Final Results

Note that prime minister Mariano Rajoy's PP party only got  8.5% of the vote. Suppress people long enough, and radical parties eventually take over.

Prior to the election, the leaders of CUP stated they would not work with Artur Mas, the leader of Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes).

Today they worked out their differences and will form a coalition regional government.

Shared Power

El Pais reports CUP Proposes a Presidency with Shared Power in Catalonia.

The number two of the CUP in the Catalan elections, Anna Gabriel, proposed Thursday that the new Government would have a "coral presidency", with "three or four profiles with a weight equivalent" to share power, without demanding the political "burial" of Artur Mas.

The shared government alternative would unlock the choice of Catalan president, and allow an active role for Artur Mas.

CUP Platform

CUP is a Popular Unity Candidacy. The CUP platform is what I would call radical leftist.

The CUP broadly refers to their economic model as socialist. Their political program calls for a "planned economy based on solidarity, aimed towards fulfilling the needs of the people", and defends the nationalization of public utilities, as well as transportation and communication networks. They also call for a nationalization of all banks receiving government bailouts and consider the public debt "illegitimate".

The CUP call for an end to nuclear energy, with the use of sustainable energy in its stead. They also call for a ban on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and the creation of an "ecological economy".
Showdown with Madrid Coming Up

The socialist ideas of these groups cannot and will not work.

Nonetheless, they are going to try. Reuters reports Victorious Separatists Claim Mandate to Break with Spain.

Both groups stated they would "unilaterally declare independence within 18 months under a plan that would see the new Catalan authorities approving their own constitution and building institutions like an army, central bank and judicial system."

A serious showdown with Madrid is around the corner. Already, Madrid preemptively acted as noted in Spain's Secessionist Party Leaders to be Charged with "Act of Disobedience"

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