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Wednesday, September 09, 2015 6:17 PM

German Reader on "Political Correctness"; Denmark Cancels All Trains From Germany; Juncker Pleads for Compulsory Refugee Quotas

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Denmark Cancels Trains For Indefinite Period

The BBC reports Denmark-Germany Rail Links Suspended

Denmark's DSB rail operator said trains to and from Germany had been suspended for an indefinite period because of exceptional passport checks.

Police also closed part of the E45 motorway - the main road link between Germany and Denmark - after about 300 migrants left another train and set off on foot towards Sweden near the border town of Padborg.

Sweden has become a top destination for refugees after it promised to issue residency papers to all Syrian asylum seekers.
Compulsory Refugee Quotas

European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker has upped the stakes in the refugee crisis with a push for Compulsory Refugee Quotas.
Delivering an unusually blunt warning that the EU “is not in a good state”, Mr Juncker laid out his plans for asylum reform in an 80-minute speech that featured frequent heckles and an interruption from an Italian MEP wearing an Angela Merkel mask.

The crisis shifted on Wednesday to Denmark, where police ordered the cancellation of all trains to and from Germany in an attempt to thwart migrants. The country’s new centre-right government has taken a tough line on immigration, even buying advertising space in Middle Eastern newspapers to dissuade people from travelling to the Nordic country.

Meanwhile, the wealthy south-west German region of Baden-Württemberg temporarily closed its doors to new refugees on Wednesday, saying it could take no more because its reception centres were full.

Proposals to win over reluctant member states include a temporary opt-out clause, in exchange for a fine amounting to 0.002 per cent of gross domestic product. In order to qualify, states must demonstrate that they are presently unable to take extra refugees due to extraordinary circumstances, such as a natural disaster.

The fines, however, are hardly punitive. Poland, which had a GDP of $548bn in 2014 and is a net recipient of EU funds, would pay a bit over $10m back to the EU to opt out of the scheme temporarily.

People from former Yugoslavian states such as Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina are estimated to comprise almost 40 per cent of the 800,000 asylum seekers that Germany is set to receive each year. Nearly all of these asylum applications are rejected, but they can still take months or even years to process.
Political Correctness

Politically Incorrect writes ....
Hi Mish,

I live in Germany and see firsthand how it is politically incorrect to question our current refugee policy. If you do not stand by it 100%, then some consider you a right wing radical or a neo-Nazi.

Nobody bothers to differentiate between persecuted refugees and economic refugees. I suspect most are actually economic refugees, and by the German law would have to be deported after their applications for asylum are denied. However, it can take up to a year for the asylum application to be processed. Until then, refugees can have a nice vacation in Germany at the taxpayers' expense. If it is too easy to get in and get benefits, then even more will come. That's basic human nature.

The average asylum seeker costs the taxpayer 12,500 euro/year. The Government insists that they will still balance the budget despite the huge new costs. Many assert the ridiculous Keynesian dogma that the new economic activity from the refugees will generate enough new tax revenue to pay for itself. What a joke, but you can't even question that without being labeled insensitive and a radical right extremist.

There was a big sob story in the newspaper recently about a gypsy woman from Macedonia and her two kids who are now being deported after three years. In that period, the family collected 700 Euros/month and had a place to stay as well. Yet, she still spoke no German and did not have a job after three years. When she returns to Macedonia she will get 20 Euros/month in welfare. No wonder she is upset about having to leave. The Total cost was something like 36,000 euros, not including the cost of day care and schooling for the kids.

There's a lot of positive feeling and hope for the refugees now, but when they introduce a tax levy to pay for it, hearts will start to change.

Politically Incorrect
Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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