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Sunday, August 16, 2015 4:08 PM

Major War Resumption in Ukraine

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A reader emailed a link to an article proclaiming Ukraine Erupts into all-out WAR! Cease Fire Ends as multiple cities come under attack, hundreds dead, cities burning!

Article Comments

  • Intense shelling from multiple positions started in #Donetsk
  • South of #Donetsk very heavy combat, I see lots of explosions there, very scary
  • Intense shelling started also in #Starohnativka.
  • #Mariupol can hear heavy shelling from the east.
  • Intensity of Ukrainian shellings on #Putilovka and #Spartak is increasing!
  • Ukrainian shellings on #Sahanka and #Oktyabr (with MRLS Grad)! East of #Mariupol

No Confirmation

I can find no confirmation anywhere else. I called my friend Jacob Dreizin (a reader who speaks Russian and can read Ukrainian) and asked what he knew about a major escalation and received this reply:

"Not yet, but likely soon. It's simply too hot for a major advance now. Temperatures are in the 90s (32+ Celsius). We will not see a major advance until temperature breaks to the mid-70s (24 or below Celsius). That may happen sometime this week".

Dreizin did say the shelling has been the most intense since March, before the Minsk accord.

Donetsk Shelling

Link if video does not play: Donetsk Shelling.

Colonel Cassad

Just today, Colonel Cassad stated The fire of a new war in Europe can still be prevented.

"We call on the international community to urgently take the necessary measures to prevent the inhuman and criminal intentions of Petro Poroshenko to unleash a new round of fighting and the genocide in Eastern Europe. New Fire the war in Europe can still be prevented."

Also today Cassad stated "Nearest Night will Begin a Full-Scale Offensive by APU".

"On August 16 or 17, the command MAT plans to begin full-scale offensive against the armed forces of New Russia. According to an informed source in Kiev. The attack is planned in three main areas: the north of Donetsk - the cut line Donetsk - Gorlovka; south of Donetsk - through Granite - Novotroitsk; on Novoazovsk from Mariupol."

War It Is

The statement made by Cassad that war could be avoided appears to be faint hope, not a realistic assessment.

While both sides violated the ceasefire, this major escalation appears to be started by Ukraine. Western media will not portray it that way.

Dreizin believes we will see new weapons used for the first time in this escalation and the Ukrainian forces will suffer very heavy losses.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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