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Saturday, July 18, 2015 9:54 PM

Design Your Room, Quadcopters, Tools, With Holograms: Are Holograms the Next Deflationary Force?

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Reader Thoughts on Holograms

Reader "DT" from Brazil emailed a link and some thoughts on holograms. "DT" writes ...

Hello Mish,

I'm from Brazil and I have been reading your blog daily for the past 2 or 3 years. I believe your views on credit and deflation are the ones which most accurately predict how economic events unfold. I also take great interest in the Austrian school of economics.

Anyway, the reason I'm sending you this email is because I noticed something that has a huge deflationary potential. The Microsoft Hololens [Mish Note See Video Below].

Imagine your house. You have the real world objects. You also have the augmented reality objects in your house. You have virtual decoration and interior design. You have virtual TV screens, computers, and whatever else your imagination permits. Imagine you can decorate an apartment before you buy all the real stuff for it. You can model your entire house and only after you see how every little detail fits, you go buy the real stuff.

I risk saying that this is gonna be another deflationary leap forward.

Best regards!
Microsoft Hololens Demo

Link if video does not play: Microsoft Hololens Studio Demo

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