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Tuesday, April 21, 2015 9:42 PM

Caught on Video: Police Smash Woman's Phone as She Tapes Crime Scene; How to Stop "I am Above the Law" Mentality

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In yet another cops are above the law incident Watch U.S. Marshal Crush Camera.

Nosy neighbors caught a video of a law enforcement officer in California snatching a bystander's phone and smashing it after U.S. Marshals realized she was recording their bust of a biker gang meeting. The 53-second video, taken from across the street, shows a gun-toting marshal grabbing the woman's phone out of her hand, throwing it to the ground, and finally kicking it. According to a spokesperson for the marshals, the video "is being reviewed."

How to Stop "I am Above the Law" Mentality

The only way to stop this kind of "above the law" mentality is to immediately suspend, without pay, any police officer guilty of such behavior. A second offense is grounds for dismissal. As an added incentive, fired officers should lose 100% of all accrued benefits.

And in this case, repayment for the phone should come directly out of the suspended officer's paycheck (at say a 500% of damages rate).

I am open to negotiation on the terms mentioned above. But the terms must be severe enough to cause an immediate attitude change.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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