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Tuesday, March 24, 2015 1:10 PM

CPI Ticks Up, Led by Rise in Energy; CPI Still Negative Year-Over-Year

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Following three months of declines (primarily due to falling energy prices), today the BLS Consumer Price Index for February shows that month-over-month, the CPI is back in positive territory.

CPI and Weightings

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From October to November the CPI declined -.3 percent, so this rise follows three straight month-over-month declines.

Year-Over-Year Seasonally Adjusted Percent Change

Year-Over-Year the CPI is negative for the second month. From December to January the year-over-year CPI was -0.45%. Today, it's a barely negative 0.17%.

Year-Over-Year Components

Of course, your prices will vary greatly. Take for example medical care. Did your costs only go up by 1.8%? Your food basket by 3%?

The above tables are partial. The BLS has many more categories in the link at the top.

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