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Friday, November 14, 2014 1:24 PM

Beppe Grillo Seeks Referendum to Abandon Euro, "At War with ECB Scum, Not ISIS or Russia!"

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Beppe Grillo, leader of M5S (Five Star Movement), Italy's second largest political party, seeks a referendum for Italy to leave the Euro.

One might think this would be news, but a search shows that only RT, the BBC, ZeroHedge (where I found the story), and Prison Planet picked up the story.

"Ditch Euro, Defend Sovereignty"

RT had the story first, way back on October 12, so let's start there. Please consider ‘Ditch euro, defend Italy’s sovereignty!’ Eurosceptic leader calls for referendum.

The Italian government is not effective in restoring jobs and helping people, said Beppe Grillo, the leader of Italy's anti-establishment M5S, which burst onto the political scene last year winning 25 percent of the vote in its first parliamentary election in 2013.

Leave the euro and defend the sovereignty of the Italian people from the European Central Bank,” Grillo told his supporters at a M5S event in Rome.

We have to leave the euro as soon as possible,” he said. “We will collect one million signatures in six months and bring them to the Parliament to ask for a referendum to express our opinion.”

This time, we have 150 parliamentarians and senators, and we have time to submit [the signatures] to the Parliament and adopt a law on the referendum,” Grillo said referring to 109 seats out of 630 in the Chamber of Deputies and 54 seats out of 315 in the Senate that his party holds.
European Parliament Elections

In the May European Parliament elections, Beppe Grillo's M5S party garnered 21% of the vote, second only to PD's 41% of the vote.

Yet, even though Grillo repeated his "abandon the euro message" recently, the only major news outlet to pick up the story was the BBC.

New York Times, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Washington Post, where are you hiding?

"We're at War with ECB, Not ISIS or Russia!"

The BBC reports Italy's Beppe Grillo Calls for Referendum on Leaving Euro.

Full Transcript
A referendum on the Euro. Next week we start collecting signatures. We will bring to parliament 3 or 4 million signatures, and this time we will have 150 of our own MPs [Members of Parliament] in parliament. And then we will ask for a referendum, something that wasn't done in 1989. We've got all the parties in favor of leaving the euro with us. We have two thirds of the parliament.

So we leave the euro and we bring down this system of bankers, of scum. We are dying and need a plan B. And we are implementing it. We are plan B. This year has become a nightmare. It was never meant to be like this.

We are not at war with ISIS or with Russia, we are at war with the European Central Bank [ECB]. A number of bankers tricked us out of our monetary and economic sovereignty.
"Eventually Will Come a Time"

Somehow this is not news. Not even the BBC provided that transcript, but I do thank the BBC for the embedded translation that I transcribed.

I keep repeating ....

"Eventually will come a time when a politician will hold up a copy of the EMU treaty, declare it null and void, and the debt null and void right along with it. That politician will be elected."

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