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Friday, July 25, 2014 7:59 PM

SBU Cleans Website of Bogus "Proof"; Mystery of 312 Grows

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An image from the Security Service of Ukraine ("SBU") that purportedly showed a Buk heading back to Russia at nighttime, has now been removed from the site.

I made a screenshot of the image and posted it in Ukraine Caught in Third Major Lie? Magic Number 312.

The image once was at the bottom of this SBU page: Russia is trying to hide the evidence of his involvement in a terrorist attack in the skies over Ukraine.

Here is the image I posted, now removed.

CNN Complicit as Well?

Shortly after the crash, CNN's Kyung Lah conducted an interview with Vitaly Nayda, Ukraine's Director of Informational Security.

Nayda made serious, unfounded charges, pointed straight at Russia. He also showed Lah the evidence, including those bogus photos.
There are now two versions of the CNN video, both still available, if you know how to find them. One has the bogus photos and associated comments stripped, the other doesn't.

The only timestamps that I can see mark them from the same day. Perhaps both were edited.

Both are highly inflammatory. Play either one and it's crystal clear Lah plays straight into hands of Nayda. 

Here is CNN Video 1

Here is CNN Video 2

The first video is 3 minutes 11 second long; The second video is 1 minute 33 seconds long.

Bear in mind, I do not know the precise order in which these were released, but reader Sergey who notified me of the SBU editing claims to know.

Sergey copied me on an email he sent to CNN (slightly edited for typos, spellings, and ease in reading).

Dear Sirs,

On July 20, CNN reporter Kyung Lah interviewed Ukrainian security Chiev Mr. Vitaly Nayda. I saw the interview. The full version includes Mr. Nayda's comments on photos of "Buk" missile "moved from Ukraine to Russia by terrorists after the MH17 crash. But the images Nayda presented turned out to be fake.

Russia Today.Tv published a video dated March, 2014 where from this "Buk" night photo was taken.

Since then, the Ukrainian secret service deleted the photos from their webpage.

What was surprised me, and made me sad, is that you did the same! It is disappointing, that the original version of the interview was censored.  Only half of it is still there on your webpage.

Mrs Kyung Lah and CNN in general are not responsible for what Mr. Nayda said to your correspondent. But deleting the fake evidence he presented on behalf of the Ukrainian state makes you complicit in fraud.

Why you did it?

Best regards,
The mystery of 312 grows.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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