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Thursday, February 13, 2014 3:34 PM

Meet Janet Yellen "The Chair"

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In one of her first official pronouncements, Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen Lays Down the Law, Seeks Gender-Neutral Title of "chair" rather than "chairwoman".

This prompted a humorous email discussion of ideas between a few friends including Pater Tenebrarum at the Acting Man blog (see Not a Woman, Just a Chair).

Pater states ...

With a nod to inspirational guidance provided by our friends BC and JJ, we hereby  present a few pictures by our graphics artist Morty Leydenfrost (note that in spite of superficial similarities in methodology, Morty isn't really an economics/markets guy and was hitherto actually not aware of the inimitable work of Williambanzai7).

Here are a few images his team created.

Easy Chair

Taper Chair

Rocking Chair on Fur

Given that I have nothing but scorn for Bernanke and Yellen, the images seem appropriate. Nonetheless, apologies offered to anyone who does not see the humor.

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