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Sunday, December 30, 2012 1:36 AM

Online Education and College Degrees at Far Lower Prices is the Future; Virtual Classrooms to Reach 1 Billion People

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I received an interesting email from "James in Arizona" today. James offers this comment on online education.

Greetings from Arizona, Mish,

I ran across this website while exploring various online options for my daughter (in high school, but she’s very computer savvy, so I’m looking for options to expand her interests/basis). It is EdX, an online education group started by Harvard and MIT, but other universities are joining.

Hopefully this online education program will finally put a torpedo in the expense of college.

Have a wonderful New Year, and thanks so much for the effort you put forth on your blog, and educating those like me.

James in Arizona
Virtual Classrooms to Reach 1 Billion People

The above video is a disappointing infomercial, but the courses available are genuine.

Here is a sample of free courses offered in the link above.

  • Foundations of Computer graphics
  • Circuits and electronics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Software as a service
  • Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation
  • Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

The classes are free but unfortunately you do not get credit hours for them. Eventually you will.

The cost of education will come down for the simple reason it has to. The price of college education is not only ridiculous, but unsustainable.

The plunge in education costs will likely not happen soon enough to help James' daughter but it most certainly will help those with much younger kids.

If you do have kids in high school now, please encourage them to sign up for some of those classes to get a head start.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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