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Friday, October 19, 2012 11:30 AM

Spanish Military Association Wants "Declaration of War" Against Separatist Catalunya; Expect More Extremism

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The AME, a Spanish military organization says in an interview on Dutch TV "in the event of tampering or separatism" the military should act.

Via Google Translate, please consider military association calls for declaring a "state of war" against Catalunya.

Barcelona (Editorial). - The Association of Spanish soldiers returned to the charge. The AME explained in an interview with Dutch television Nieuwsur that, in his opinion, "in the event of tampering or separatism" should be declared "a state of war, state of emergency or a state of siege" in Catalunya.

This has manifested forcefully president of the association, one of three in Spain that brings together active and retired military, Colonel Leopoldo Munoz Sanchez quartermaster. The AME, specifically, make 3500 partners.

"Spain is a nation totally inseparable and if split or threat of separatism us, in accordance with Article 8 of the Spanish Constitution, we must ensure the territorial integrity, so our view is to declare a state of war, state of emergency or martial law ", said Muñoz Sánchez in a Dutch documentary about the Catalan question.

Not the first time that the AME is expressed in this regard. On September 24 threatened to bring before military tribunals President of the Generalitat , Artur Mas, and all Catalans institutional positions that promote the independence of Catalonia, if the military is forced to intervene to "guarantee the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity "of Spain.

Nor was the only military threat to Catalonia in recent times. In late August, the Army Infantry excoronel Spanish, Alaman Francisco Castro, said in an interview with confidential Digital Alert willingness to respond with their own lives to defend the state of eventual independence of Catalonia. So the military has been expressed, it considers that the separation of any autonomy only be "over my dead body."
Expect More Extremism

As Spain sinks further into the abyss, expect more cries from separatists, not less. As happened in Greece (but so far to a much less extreme in Spain), citizens have shifted well away from the center to far left or far right groups.

Everyone, everywhere is Fed up with austerity (which to this point has primarily focused on tax hikes).  Tax hikes have been an enormous mistake.What's really needed is work rule reform and less government.

Unfortunately, badly-needed reforms have been put off for so long that increased violence is highly likely in Greece, in Spain, in Portugal, and in Italy, should such reforms finally be implemented.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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