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Monday, April 16, 2012 12:15 PM

Mish on Coast-to-Coast Radio Tonight 10:00PM PST Discussing the Global Economy

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Upfront Addendum:

Coast-to-Coast listeners and new readers, please read the story I briefly talked about tonight on my segment with George Noory: My Wife Joanne Has ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease.

I will be on Coast-to-Coast late night syndicated radio talk show with George Noory to discuss the state of the US and global economies, jobs, stimulus efforts by the FED and ECB, housing, healthcare, the stock market, and gold.

Most major metropolitan areas of the country have a station that will pick up the broadcast. About three million listeners tune in nightly.

Here is a link to a map of Where to Listen to Coast to Coast in your area.

You can also pick up the broadcast on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio - XM TALK 168.

Please tune in if you can. My scheduled time is at the beginning of the show but there may be a lead-in of general news for 5 minutes or so first.

I will see if Coast-to-Coast will agree to let me take come calls from listeners, and if so perhaps I will be on longer.


I will be on for most of the entire first hour, not 15 minutes as originally posted. There will be a couple short general news items before I come on.

The show is rebroadcast several hours later. Thus for those on the East coast, listeners can tune in at 1:00AM or 5:00AM.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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