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Sunday, January 15, 2012 1:41 AM

"Let the Euro Die" Candidate Trails Sarkozy by Slight 2 Percentage Points; Will Sarkozy Survive the First Round Vote? Eurozone About to Become Unglued

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As a refresher course in French politics, presidential elections are a two-stage process. In the first round, voters select from candidates of all the political parties. The second round pits the top two vote getters against each other.

Never before in history has a sitting French president polled so low 100 days before the first round of votes.

Link if video does not play: 100 days to presidential poll

The video is as of January 13. The first round of elections is April 22, 2012. Here is the pertinent snip.

"Sarkozy's ratings compared to previous presidents make grim readings. Sarkozy is not shown leading the first round of voting. We've never seen a president is such a weak position in terms of public opinion. If polls are to believed come May 6, the country will have a new head of state"

"Let the Euro Die" Candidate Trails Sarkozy by Slight 2 Percentage Points

Bloomberg reports Sarkozy Just Ahead of Le Pen in French Presidency Election Poll.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is just two percentage points ahead of anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen less than four months before the presidential election, an Ifop poll for Paris Match showed.

In the first round, to be held April 22, Socialist candidate Francois Hollande would finish first with 27 percent, followed by Sarkozy with 23.5 percent and National Front candidate Le Pen on 21.5 percent, the poll published today showed today.

The top two vote getters then go to a decisive run-off on May 6, in which Hollande would beat Sarkozy 57 percent to 43 percent, according to the poll. Ifop polled 943 voters Jan. 9- 12. No margin of error was given.
Will Sarkozy Survive the First Round Vote?

Bloomberg reporter Gregory Viscusi depicts Le Pen as "anti-immigration". Yes, that is true. However, Viscusi failed to mention Le Pen's main claim to fame.

Le Pen is running on a platform to "Let the Euro Die" as I commented on September 8, 2011.

See link for Le Pen's comments. This is what I said at the time.
German Chancellor Merkel, Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, and Greek President George Papandreou will all be gone after the next set of elections.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy may bite the dust as well, and if he does it may be to a vehemently anti-Euro candidate.

All it takes is one government to say "to hell with this" and the whole mess unravels.

The current set of politicians all want to "save the Euro". But what did the Euro buy Greece, Ireland, Spain, or Portugal except misery?

Even German and Finnish voters wonder what it bought them.
Zapatero, Berlusconi, and Papandreou are now gone. You can kiss Merkel and Sarkozy goodbye as well.

Le Pen would not likely win a runoff with Hollande. Socialists dominate French politics. However, Sarkozy will not survive and Hollande has vowed to rework the Merkel-Sarkozy agreement.

Think that is going to fly? In what timeframe?

Eurozone About to Become Unglued

All of the agreements hammed out by two arrogant but tough-as-nails and widely respected leaders of Germany and France will fail. Whoever replaces Merkel and Sarkozy will not have the same respect and both will soon be gone.

Politics suggests that the Eurozone is about to become unglued.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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