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Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:10 PM

Chris Christie on Sick Pay Payouts: "Only in Government"; What You Can Do To Help

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Most of you know I am a huge fan of Chis Christie. I never tire of listening to what he has to say. Once again he is taking on "big government" with a well reasoned video as to what reform is or isn't.

Please watch Chris Christie on Sick Pay Payouts: "Only in Government"

Partial Transcript

Right now, the total accumulated sick leave liability for governments across New Jersey is $825 million. That is how much we will have to pay out in sick-leave payouts, currently.

If I were to sign a bill that allowed for a $7500 cap, do you know what the bill would be?

The bill would be $3.25 billion. Now, I don't call that reform.

It's not reform when you are going to take the tab you are running up, from $825 million to $3.25 billion.

And how did the number $7500 happen? Just plucked out of the air. So here is the choice the legislature has to make: Are they with you, or are they with special interests?

There is no way to justify paying people cash for not having been sick. Only in government would we do something like this!
If you live in New Jersey, please contact your legislative representative and let them know you are tired of having your taxes raised so that a select few can have benefits that most Americans will never see.

Click here to Contact Your New Jersey Representative.

Alternatively, here is an Interactive Map of New Jersey Legislative Districts.

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