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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 10:35 PM

Miami-Dade Mayor Faces Recall Over Tax Hikes; Recalls Pending in Chattanooga and Omaha

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Finally! Taxpayers in Miami-Dade have had enough. A petition to recall Mayor Carlos Alvarez has gathered double the number of signatures required.

I wholeheartedly endorse this move by taxpayers and encourage other such efforts in every city where the law allows recall efforts.

Please consider Florida: Miami Mayor Faces Recall

Mayor Carlos Alvarez of Miami-Dade County faces a recall after opponents gathered enough signatures to force an election. The drive came after the county raised the property-tax rate to balance its budget. The county commission must call an election in 45 to 90 days, Harvey Ruvin, clerk of courts, said Tuesday. Recalls are also being sought in Chattanooga, Tenn., and Omaha after proposed tax increases.
Please check out the Recall Mayor Alvarez initiative.

Under Mayor Alvarez’s watch, Miami-Dade’s unemployment rate rose to 14.4 percent – almost 5 percent higher than the national average. At the same time, the Mayor’s proposed budget calls for “hiking property tax rates 14 percent.” Voters need to regain control. Mayor Alvarez needs to be RECALLED!

Mayor Alvarez May Challenge Recall Effort

Inquiring minds note Mayor Alvarez May Challenge Recall Effort
The math for Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez is stark. A recall effort aimed at him has certified nearly twice the number of voter petition signatures needed to force a countywide recall election by next spring. Alvarez said Wednesday, “I believe the voters have a right to vote on this issue. However I will not give up my right to challenge something that is wrong.”

He says his legal team has found discrepancies with notary stamps and signatures but concedes it is not likely enough to derail a recall election. At the heart of that effort, organized by auto tycoon Norman Braman, is anger over the property tax rate hike recommended by Alvarez, and approved by county commissioners three months ago.

Alvarez defended his position. He said Wednesday, “I have preserved the fire department, number one, the police department, number two, the parks department and social services. If people are upset because some of them got tax notices and their taxes went up slightly so be it. But at the end of the day I have to live with myself.”
Stop The Tax Increase

Miami is bankrupt and Florida is ground zero for the property bubble bust. But that does not stop Mayor Carlos Alvarez from sucking every last drop of blood from taxpayers. As I have pointed out on numerous occasions, not a single police of fire department job need be lost. All it takes is concessions from unions, not tax hikes to support those who get wages and benefits the average private sector worker can only dream of.

I heard of this success a few moments ago from reader "RM" who writes ...
Dear Mish,

I really enjoyed your Ten Themes for 2011. Good thought provoking stuff.

On Monday it was announced that billionaire Braman got enough signatures to have a special recall election to vote out Miami-Dade (County) Mayor Carlos Alvarez, who is more responsible than Miami (City) Mayor Regalado for the public union raises and tax hikes (inc. property tax hikes that hurt me). I am sure that your article(s) awhile back helped spark this little voter reaction here.


Indeed I have blasted corruption and fraud in Miami and backed this recall effort. However, 100% of the credit for this recall campaign goes to the citizens of Miami-Dade led by Norman Braman, for this worthwhile effort.

I have no doubt the police, fire departments, and probably the teachers' unions as well will come out with massive fearmongering campaigns against the recall. Please do what you can to help.

The recall effort was a preliminary success but far more work needs to be done. Please Join the Recall Mayor Alvarez Campaign . I suggest a pledge of time, money, printing, or advertising.

Let's turn this first-round victory into a final knockout!

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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