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Monday, July 12, 2010 12:39 PM

Kelly Nguyen for Georgia District 5 - Atlanta

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I have a few more candidates that I would like you to consider supporting in the upcoming mid-term elections. The first of these candidates is Kelly Nguyen running in Georgia's 5th Congressional District.

Please check out Kelly Nguyen Stands on Issues.

  • Jobs and the Economy: Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and employ over half of all Americans. The recession was inevitable because of federal policies working against small businesses. We must reverse federal policies to save small businesses, even though special interests are against it.

  • Bailouts: It is futile to hope bailouts can save us from an economic crisis. The federal government should not burden taxpayers by bailing out irresponsible banks and failed corporations. When small businesses fail, the federal government does not swoop in to save them, and it should not be any different with banking and big business. There is no such thing as “too big to fail.”

  • Size and Scope of Government: When government takes half the wealth from the people, dictates what individuals can and cannot do in their personal lives, and spends trillions of dollars it does not have, government is too big. To lower taxes, we must downsize the federal government. Downsizing the federal government should be first on the agenda, then reducing and eliminating income taxes.

Kelly Nguyen Writes ...

Hello Mish,

I am running for Congress in GA's 5th Congressional District. I've lived in Atlanta for 17 years, where I work as a self-employed contractor in graphic design and web development. Before becoming self-employed, I managed various small businesses for several years.

My main motivation behind running for Congress is the disenfranchisement I have experienced dealing with federal/state regulations and over-taxation.

I believe government policing of small businesses has been a major contributing factor in the U.S. economic crisis, along with market manipulations caused by the federal reserve, and a non-humble, empirical foreign policy. I am a Ron Paul Republican.

In Liberty,
Kelly Nguyen
It is not often voters get a chance to elect a candidate of the quality of a Ron Paul or Kelly Nguyen.

Please do what you can to Support Kelly Nguyen. Please click on the link and donate to the Money Bomb for Kelly.

If you wish to volunteer time, please Contact Kelly Nguyen. Every vote matters!

It's long overdue we elect Congressional representatives who will uphold the constitution, are fiscally conservative, and genuinely want to do something about bureaucratic waste and massive government spending.

I am very optimistic about Kelly Nguyen's chances, but you have to help. Please make a contribution of time or money.

Primary Tuesday, July 20th!
If you want to lower your taxes and restore fiscal sanity to Congress, please vote for Kelly Nguyen!

Contact your neighbors and have them do the same.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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