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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 4:15 PM

Maywood, California Fires all Employees, Becomes a 100% Contracted City

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Sincere congratulations go to Maywood, California for firing all of its employees and contracting services to the local Sheriff's association and a neighboring city.

The Los Angeles Times reports Maywood to lay off all city employees, dismantle Police Department

The city of Maywood will lay off all city employees and begin contracting police services with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department effective July 1, officials said.

In addition to contracting with the Sheriff's Department, the Maywood City Council voted unanimously Monday night to lay off an estimated 100 employees and contract with neighboring Bell, which will handle other city services such as finance, records management, parks and recreation, street maintenance and others. Maywood will be billed about $50,833 monthly, which officials said will save $164,375 annually.

"We will become 100% a contracted city," said Angela Spaccia, Maywood's interim city manager. Deputies from the East Los Angeles Sheriff's Station will begin patrolling the 1.2-square-mile city by the end of the month, said Capt. Bruce Fogarty of the Sheriff's Contract Law Enforcement Bureau. The annual cost of providing those services for the small city is estimated at $3.6 million, Fogarty said.
City Data shows the Population of Maywood, California is approximately 28,224 as of July 2008.

I await cities of 250,000 or more to make the correct decision which is to fire all city employees and contract services to the lowest bidder.

In this case, Maywood contracted with a neighboring city and the local Sheriff's association. That is a reasonable effort and I commend Maywood.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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