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Wednesday, May 05, 2010 11:05 AM

B.J. Lawson Wins N.C. District 4 Primary - Durham, Chapel Hill and parts of Raleigh

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Politico 2010 has the results of Tuesday's North Carolina primary. I am pleased to report B.J. Lawson, a candidate I have endorsed, won the N.C. District 4 Primary.

Lawson gathered 46.2% of the vote. This is a strong showing for a 4-man race.

The Daily Paul site, dedicated to restoring constitutional government to the United States of America proclaims, "I'm celebrating by sending him a check. Anyone care to join me?"

Money is always welcome, but so is your time and energy! Please click here to Volunteer Time or Services to B.J. Lawson.

B.J. Lawson Profile

This is the second in a series of five profiles of candidates who I believe when elected will make a huge difference.

Please check out where Lawson Stands on the Issues

  • Cut Taxes to Stimulate Job Growth
  • Reduce the Size of Government
  • Reform the Federal Regulatory Burden
  • Reduce Spending to Restore Fiscal Balance
  • Empower Local Education
  • Restore Trust in Government

Those are highlights. Click on the above link for details.

David Price, his Democratic congressional opponent in the upcoming election admits to not reading or understanding health care legislation before voting.

Lawson says "Passing legislation that is not fully understood, or understandable, is simply legislative malpractice. We must demand better of our elected representatives if we are to restore the trust and legitimacy of our federal government."

Charles Goyette Interview

My good friend, talk show host Charles Goyette, interviewed each of 5 candidates I am recommending. The interviews are about 15 minutes long.

Please click on this link to download and play this B.J. Lawson Interview with Charles Goyette.

Email from B. J. Lawson
Dear Mish

Washington has proven more corrupt and less effective as it has consolidated power and grown tremendously over the past several decades. It is time to transition to a federal government that focuses on the specific duties enumerated in our Constitution.

Instead of always giving more power to Washington, and always looking to Washington for "help", it is time to keep more resources in our communities to address our challenges. We cannot keep sending more money and power to Washington for the pleasure of lobbyists, bureaucrats, and bailouts and expect better results.

These issues are compounded government process that is simply broken. Congress passes legislation that it hasn't even read, delegates its lawmaking authority to unelected lobbyists and bureaucrats, and does not respect any limits on its power over our individual lives.

My first priority is to fix our broken economy.

Instead of borrowing and printing more money for bailouts and "stimulus" packages, we must balance our budget, stop pretending we can afford to police the world at our expense, and eliminate corporate welfare and unconstitutional spending that benefits special interests.

We must eliminate the IRS and its 67,000 pages of job-killing regulations that punish productivity, entrepreneurship, saving, and investment. We must also eliminate overreaching and counterproductive regulations that drive jobs and investment overseas, while being ignored by our largest financial institutions and the federal government itself.

My next priority is to reform health care by taking it back from corporate and government bureaucracies, and returning it to patients and providers.

True health care reform that puts control back in the hands of patients and providers is required to revitalize the economy, as soaring health care costs are squeezing businesses and consumers alike and reducing the competitiveness of the U.S. economy in a global market.

My final priority is to approach every issue, and every vote, with the goal of restoring a Constitutional federal government. That means restoring our recently sacrificed civil liberties, ending federal control over public education, and pursuing a just and sustainable legal immigration policy.

Together we can take back America from those who think the constitution is as bendable as a stick of chewing gum.

B.J. Lawson
Thanks B.J.

Congratulations on your primary victory. We wish you good luck in the November election.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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