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Tuesday, March 23, 2010 2:50 AM

Email From Birgitta Jonsdottir, Member of Iceland's Parliament; Mish Audio With Eric King on Inflation, Unions, Jobs, Greece, Spain, and Iceland

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In response to Iceland Rejects IceSave; Does No Mean No? I am very pleased to have received an email from Birgitta Jonsdottir, a member of Iceland's Parliament.

Birgitta Writes:

Thank you all for helping getting out the other side about the situation in Iceland.
Your response is creating an unexpected wave of people starting their own "no campaigns" around the western world.

It is time the peoples from around the world put an end to the insanity played by the financial world at their cost.

All my best
Thank you Birgitta!

Thanks also to On The Edge With Max Keiser.

No Beans

Now if only I could get my own legislative representatives to answer emails. Melissa Bean, my representative from Illinois, has not returned any of a half dozen emails or phone calls about numerous issues.

Yet across the ocean, I can get a personal response from a member of Iceland's parliament.

Mike Breseman, a neighbor and former village president where I live said the same thing to me yesterday: no emails returned from Bean and outright arrogance from her staff on the phone.

His son Calvin, aged 13, emailed 20 congressional representatives about Cap-And-Trade and received zero responses.

Yet across the ocean, one can communicate with members of Iceland's parliament.

Melissa Bean is supposedly a "Blue Dog" fiscal conservative, yet she voted for various bailouts and the preposterous Cap-And-Trade legislation. What's up with that?

Who knows? She won't answer emails.

With thanks to Birgitta who says "Your response is creating an unexpected wave of people starting their own "no campaigns" ...

It's time to say "No Beans"

I cannot confirm this, but rumor has it that South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint or at least his staff is reading my blog. Maybe I should move to South Carolina or Iceland.

Interview With Eric King

I am pleased once again to be back on King World News with Eric King.
Mike “Mish” Shedlock is so well known for his daily writings on his financial blog. As an example, multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price quoted from Mish’s blog in his last interview on King World News.

In this interview Mish discusses the economy, the realities facing struggling Americans, unions, the pension shortfalls, cities & counties as well as states eventually declaring bankruptcy, the nascent recovery, forced restructuring and much more.
Eric King is a great interviewer. I invite anyone interested in a discussion on inflation, deflation, unions, pensions, and the problems in Greece, Spain, Iceland, and elsewhere to tune in.

The opening dialog just happens to be on Iceland and political arrogance. It was recorded in advance of the emails from Iceland and the discussion with my neighbor.

To play the audio please look for and click on the MP3 icon (not on the left, but in the King World News link)

Thanks Eric.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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