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Sunday, May 25, 2008 10:58 PM

2 Homes For Price Of 1 Ripoff

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Here's a new sucker twist on two for the price of one. Please consider Local Developer Offers 2 Homes For Price Of 1.

If you're looking for a bargain, the deals are out there. However, one particular deal takes the cake.

"We thought, 'Why does it just have to be on Pop Tarts and restaurants? Why not buy one home, get one free,'" said Dawn Berry of Michael Crews Development.

Michael Crews Development is offering new, 2000-square foot cityscape row-homes worth $400,000 in Escondido for free -- if you buy one Royal View Estate home in San Pasqual Valley starting at $1.6 million.

"You know it's a straight-up legit deal; no prices have been increased, there are no hidden costs. Michael is just giving away a free home for people that buy at Royal View," said Berry.

Adam Rossman of Michael Crews Development added, "People have been coming in saying, 'How can you do this?' Well, it's our way of dealing with current market conditions to move some inventory."
No News Here - This Is An Ad

There is no news here. This is a freaking ad disguised as news. Is this a paid infomercial by any chance? If not where is the news?

This deal is not 2 apples for the price of one. Rather, this deal is an apple and a raisin packaged as 2-for-1-price. What you are getting (supposedly) is $2 million worth of homes for a minimum of $1.6 Million. Big freaking deal. This is at most 20% off.

Is this really news? I think not. Now what I want to know is whether or not 10News.com can distinguish news from non-news or if this was a paid for ad disguised as news.

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