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Saturday, September 26, 2015 2:43 PM

How Long Will Janet Yellen Last as Fed Chair? Fed Declines to Comment on Her Health, I Will

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Fed Chair Janet Yellen's health is in question after she could not read her prepared text in a lecture on inflation last Thursday.

About 50 minutes into her speech, she paused for about 25 seconds, then repeated phrases and missed words.

MarketWatch reports Yellen Stumbles Towards End of Speech at Amherstt. 

Yellen Video #1

Fed Declines to Comment

The Wall Street Journal reports Fed Declines to Comment on Yellen’s Health

The Fed chairwoman, 69 years old, faltered roughly 50 minutes into a lecture on the economy and inflation Thursday at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She stumbled over her prepared text, paused for long stretches several times, missed and jumbled some words in the text, and coughed before concluding her speech and leaving the stage.

The Fed spokeswoman, Michelle Smith, on Thursday said Ms. Yellen “felt dehydrated at the end of a long speech under bright lights” and was seen by emergency medical technicians as a precaution, but “felt fine afterward” and attended a dinner on campus.

Bloomberg News reported Ms. Yellen appeared fine after her dinner and flew back to Washington on Friday from Hartford, Conn., telling fellow passengers at the airport that she felt better. “I look good now, don’t I?” she said, according to the news outlet.
Yellen Video #2 - Close Up

Claim Investigation

Inquiring minds may wish an investigation of Yellen's claim "I look good now, don’t I?"

Here is a sample of recent images from which readers can judge.

It's Better to Look Good Than Feel Good

Yellen says she looks good. And you know what they say.

Link if video does not play: "Fernando's Hideaway"

Let's be honest. Yellen looks God awful. She is 69 but looks 80. There is a load of pressure on the Fed Chair, and I highly doubt she can last another year.

How many rate hikes will she get in before she steps down for health reasons? Any?

By the way, the Fed has not hiked in 20 years in any year in which the stock market was negative year-over-year at the time.

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