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Saturday, December 06, 2014 8:37 PM

Police Chokehold Ends in Death: Two Videos, Which One is Right?

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Here is a pair of videos on the death of Eric Garner via police chokehold.

The first video is by comedian Jon Stewart. The Second is an interview of Senator Rand Paul on Fox News.

Please play them both.

Jon Stewart Tears Into Eric Garner Reactions

Link if video does not play: Jon Stewart Tears Into Eric Garner Reactions

Eric Garner 'Didn't Need to Die'

Link if video does not play: Eric Garner 'Didn't Need to Die'

My Take

Both videos come to the same conclusion: Eric Garner 'Didn't Need to Die'. I think we can all agree on that.

And we certainly should agree that Stewart is correct in that something is truly messed up with the grand jury process.

The grand jury problem is easy to describe:

Prosecutors are in bed with the police. The grand jury is fed info the prosecutor wants the jury to hear. If the prosecutor does not want to go after after a police officer, it will not happen. But, if a prosecutor really wants to go after someone, rest assured the charges will be trumped up.

It's that simple. So on that point I side 100% with Jon Stewart.

Yet, Stewart clearly took a couple of clips of Rand Paul totally out of context to make his point. That's something he should not have done.

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