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Sunday, April 18, 2010 11:58 PM

Dear United Kingdom .....

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Inquiring minds are reading a letter from the Icelandic Parliament to Gordon Brown regarding Icesave

Dear United Kingdom
In response to your demand to send cash immediately ...
Please note the Icelandic Alphabet does not contain the letter "C".
We have complied with your request as best as our language allows.
It's not easy to conjure up a volcano at will to spew tons of ash.
Please consider our debt paid in full.
Respectfully yours

I am not sure precisely who to credit for that. I cannot claim the idea but I did find it very humorous. Several versions are floating around. I created the above text starting from a version on slashdot.

For some very interesting images of Iceland's volcano please see Iceland Volcano Eruption Forces Cancellation of 77% of Europe Flights, Possibly Until April 22; Fascinating images.

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