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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 12:02 AM

Brown Wins - Complete Repudiation of Obamacare - What's Next?

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In the most liberal of liberal states, and in a complete repudiation of both backroom deals and Obamacare, Scott Brown pulled off the most stunning senate race upset in history. If you were for Brown, pour a cup of tea and celebrate. If not, cry in your tea.

Brown's victory was not so much a vote for Brown, but a vote out of anger, anger of backroom deals, anger over jobs, anger over wars, anger over special deals for politicians and unions, anger over banks, and most importantly, anger because "Yes We Can" morphed into "Business As Usual, Only Worse".

Backroom Bargaining Give Unions, Politicians Sweetheart Deal

For a president who promised "no backroom deals" he unmistakably delivered "backroom deals".

Please consider the Wall Street Journal article Labor's $60 Billion Payoff.

Democrats seem impervious to embarrassment as they buy votes for ObamaCare, but their latest move makes even Nebraska's Ben Nelson look cheap: The 87% of Americans who don't belong to a union will now foot the bill for a $60 billion giveaway to those who do.

Emerging from their backrooms [Mish note: Obama invited union leaders to the Whitehouse for a private session], Democrats have agreed to extend a special exemption from the Cadillac tax to any health plan that is part of a collective-bargaining agreement, plus state and local workers, many of whom are unionized. Everyone else with a higher-end plan will start to be taxed in 2013, but union members will get a free pass until 2018.

Ponder that one for a moment. Two workers who are identical in every respect—wages, job, health plan—will be treated differently by the tax system, based solely on union membership.
Politicians Exempt Themselves

Not that the deal not only exempted unions, politicians gave themselves special favors.

Without a doubt, Brown sent a message to Obama specifically and Democrats in general that the public is fed up. Indeed, this special election shows Obama's message is as out of place as a bullfrog on the lead microphone at an opera.

Nonetheless, rest assured the music will fall on deaf ears unless you act.

Act Now!

Call your congressional representative Wednesday morning. Tell them Massachusetts is fed up and you are too. Tell them, you are fed up with special deals for select states. Tell them you are fed up with backroom deals that benefit only the unions. Most importantly tell them to start over and if they don't you will vote them out of office.

What's Next?

What's next is up to you. If you don't do anything, the healthcare bill will be crammed down your throat.

Obama justified the giveaway on the basis unions and public workers make less than private workers. Is that a joke or what? Public salaries and benefits are far greater than the private sector. However, if you don't act, and act now, they will rush this bill through, in a special session before Brown takes his seat.

Phone, Fax Now!

You can get Phone, Fax, and Email numbers from the Online Directory for the 111th Congress.

Three calls, what can be simpler? Look up the numbers for your state and congressional district now, write them down, and make the call when the lines are open on Wednesday.

Phone lines are open 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST.

Just do it.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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