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Wednesday, September 19, 2012 1:58 AM

QE to Infinity and Beyond; Mish for President?

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Once again I had the pleasure of being on Capital Account with Lauren Lyster on Tuesday. We discussed the election, my comments on  "Mitt Romney's Foot-in-Mouth Disease", a US recession, "QE to Eternity", and other topics.

Mish for President?

Lauren Lyster mentioned my statement that I would not vote for Obama nor Romney. I received several email from readers on that wondering if I was going to opt out of the election.

I will vote. I have voted in every election since 1972. I believe people should vote. I just cannot stand the choices presented. In the previous two elections I wrote-in Ron Paul.

However, Ron Paul is retiring from Congress, having served the nation well. So I am considering instead other possibilities such as Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or perhaps even myself.

The latter possibility came up when a close friend made an out-of-the-blue yet sincere statement that he was writing-in me. Well, why not? If he can write-in me, why shouldn't I write-in me?

I do not expect to win, and I will not hire an exploratory commission led by Donald Trump to prove it. However, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson will not win either.

Moreover, a handful of write-in votes  for Ron Paul would not merit much media attention, but 50 wrote-in votes in every state for "Mish" might conceivably get a mention.

So if you think as I do, that Obama and Romney are bad choices for America, then please go ahead and write-in "Mish".

Unlike the others, I pledge to spend zero dollars on my campaign, I pledge to bring all the troops home, I will end collective bargaining of public unions by decree (reversing what President Kennedy did by decree), and I will get rid of Ben Bernanke, appointing someone who will work out a plan to get rid of the Fed entirely as well as eliminate fractional reserve lending.

Those are things a president can do, without support of Congress, and I will do them if elected. If you like that platform, please write-in "Mish" in November.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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