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Tuesday, July 03, 2012 11:24 AM

Nigel Farage: Here It Comes Your 19th Euro Breakdown

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The always humorous Nigel Farage blasted European council president Herman Van Rompuy along with José Barroso in European parliament today, mocking the alleged "breakthrough".

Link if video does not play: Nigel Farage on Euro Breakdown

Select Quotes:

  • ESM is doomed before it starts
  • Legal Challenges in Ireland and Germany
  • Estonia Justice Says it will not fit their constitution
  • Finns and Dutch have broken agreement made in the middle of the night
  • Perhaps the little countries do not have a say at all anymore
  • Crisis is insolvable

Farage sarcastically commented to Herman Van Rompuy ...

"It's lovely to see you Mr. Rompuy. You've not been here for many months. It's delightful to have you back. Last time you were here, you told us we've turned the corner. The worst of the crisis was over. With every one of your predictions, it goes on getting worse. I am sorry sir. You don't have the presence, the credibility, or the standing for the international markets to believe you can provide a solution."

Obviously this calls for another musical tribute:

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