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Saturday, March 27, 2010 4:39 AM

4-Day School Weeks Coming To Illinois

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In an effort to save money, cash-strapped Illinois is pondering 4-day school weeks. Please consider 4-Day School Weeks Might Be Coming In Illinois.

State House Has Passed Bill Allowing School Districts To Set Up Shorter Weeks; Mayor Daley Has Doubts.

Add an entire school day to the chopping block. State lawmakers want to move financially struggling schools to four day weeks. They say it will save money, and it won't affect classroom time.

The superintendent of one local school district believes the plan could work.

"I think it's something we should take a look at," said Dr. Kamala Buckner,Superintendent of Thornton Township High Schools District 205.

It's an intriguing proposal because district 205 faces a $5 million deficit next year and Buckner sees a shortened week as a viable option.

"That means the heat is not on, the lights are not on, we don't have to worry about cleaning the building," Buckner said.

The final vote on the bill was 81-21. It will now go to the state Senate.

State Rep. Bill Black (R-Danville) was the sponsor of the bill. He told the Chicago Tribune he proposed the idea after a school superintendent in downstate Vermilion County complained about increasing fuel costs associated with bussing rural children to school.

Daley said lawmakers should look for other ways to save money. He suggested having state workers take unpaid furlough days, the system that has been implemented in Chicago for city workers.
Not one person mentioned the real problem: bloated administration costs, union salaries and union benefits for teachers, bus drivers, and janitors. Instead they are looking at saving heat and electricity one day a week. Good grief.

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